Hurricane Preparation/Release Form

For a $500 onetime fee, Banyan Bay will guarantee a spot at Banyan Bay Marina for the vessel in the event of a Hurricane, during the entire Hurricane Season. Payments must be made before the start of Hurricane Season,(June 1st ). Payments made after the season starts is $500 per storm, not seasonal.

Banyan Bay Marine Center does not in any way assume or take responsibility for any damage to the vessel during a storm. It is understood that Banyan Bay will not be held responsible for the loss or damage to the vessel or articles inside vessel in case of fire, theft, accident, inclement weather conditions or any other causes.

Procedure for Hurricane Storage

I will bring my vessel to Banyan Bay Marine Center as soon as a *Storm Warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center.

Once a Hurricane Watch(An announcement that hurricane conditions are possible within the specified area.) is issued by the National Hurricane Center, it is a first come first serve basis.

Plan ahead before a storm is upon us, Banyan Bay Marina will not operate once the wind speed exceed 35MPH.

**Hurricane Warning*: An announcement that *hurricane* conditions are expected within the specified area.  Because outside preparedness activities become difficult once winds reach tropical *storm* force, *warnings* are issued 36 hours in advance of the anticipated onset of tropical-*storm*-force winds.

Prior to signing this agreement a meeting to discuss a Hurricane plan is recommended. A Hurricane Plan will layout what Banyan Bay can do to protect property in the event of a hurricane, Customers will be advised on what the best way to prepare for a potential storm (extra lines, Box up loose items, take down canvas, Izing Glass, deploy fenders, etc) The labor to prepare boat for storm is $75 per hr. Fenders, dock lines, supplies can be purchased through Banyan Bay if customer cannot supply. All items must be on the vessel prior to storm and available to Banyan Bay. Any Hurricane Plan must be signed and agreed on prior to any Storm Warning.




Daily Boat on Trailer: .40¢ per ft/ per day

Daily Dry Storage: .50¢ per ft/ per day

Daily Wet Storage: .60¢ per ft/ per day

Haul Out: @ $8 per ft In/Out 31ft +

Haul Out: @ $6 per ft In/Out 31ft –

Block fees: @ $100, if applicable

Haul Out fees are $15 per ft during a Hurricane Watch.

I, release Banyan Bay Marine Center of any responsibility of damage, this agreement is only to reserve a spot at the marina in the event of a storm. The vessel must arrive once a Hurricane Warning is issued. Once a Hurricane Watch is issued it is first come first serve, No guarantees. The Hurricane Plan is to secure vessel, as stated above, the Hurricane Plan does not guarantee that damage will not occur. Proper Insurance is required.

Complete below at Banyan Bay Marina Office:

☐ I Agree to the terms and conditions.
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