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Bottom Painting

Completed Bottom painting

Banyan Bay Marine Center specializes in bottom painting. We are your Bottom Painting Specialist. Our bottom painting team will have your vessel hauled, sanded, painted and splashed back in to the water and out for another season quickly.

Each boat is different and according to the actual use and hull type, we have the expertise to recommend the best Anti fouling for any application. Anti-fouling paint is a special coating applied to the hull below the water.

Painting engine trim assemblies

Bottom painting is protection against barnacles and other marine organisms from attaching themselves to the vessels hull. Bottom Painting is a recommended for boats that spend more than a few weeks in the water.


Banyan Bay Marine Center has the lowest bottom painting prices in the area. We apply Anti fouling paint to more than 100 boats, both large and small, every year. We feature bottom paints from Interlux, Seahawk, Pettit and others. Our employees are happy to advise do-it-yourself boat owners on products, preparation, primers, etc. Banyan Bay Marine Center is always ready to handle the entire bottom paint job quickly and professionally.

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Banyan Bay Marine Center Anti-Fouling Paints


Interlux, Sea Hawk, and Pettit each make a full line of excellent bottom paints, including five primary types of antifouling paints. Let’s review each type.

Copolymer/ablative paints

“bottomCopolymer paints release biocide at a constant controlled rate throughout their lives, wearing away or “ablating” much like a bar of soap. Paint wears off faster in higher drag areas on the hull and appendages. These paints work well in high-growth areas and continue to be effective after haulout at the end of the season. In the spring, the paint is reactivated with a scrubbing or light sanding and you’re ready for another season. This is a huge time-saver for those living in northern climates. While the percentage of copper in the paint is important for evaluating its effectiveness, copper content is not the only consideration. Controlled polishing, the technology that controls how quickly the paint wears away, is another way we measure the effectiveness in a copolymer ablative paint.


Copolymer paints, such as West Marine PCA Gold, Interlux MicronCSC and Micron Extra, offer true multi-season protection, lasting as long as there is a reasonable coating thickness. Because they expose new biocide until the coating is worn completely away, additional coats add to their longevity. Pettit Hydrocoat offers the added benefit of being a water-based product with no solvents, an environmental plus, so there are fewer fumes to protect yourself from and easier clean-up using only water.


White copper for bright colors

“bottomTwo copolymer paints, Pettit Vivid and Interlux Trilux 33, use a different biocide compound, cuprous thiocyanate or white copper that produces the brightest colors, whitest whites and blackest blacks. White copper also requires 50% less content than the heavy, dark copper used in conventional antifouling paints. Like most other paints, these types can be applied to fiberglass, wood or properly primed steel, and they are the only copper-based paints that are compatible with aluminum. Since copper and aluminum are dissimilar metals, applying a traditional copper paint directly on an aluminum hull would be disastrous. Galvanic corrosion would begin immediately and the hull would quickly deteriorate. For best results, aluminum boat owners should still prime their hull with an appropriate zinc-chromate or strontium chromate primer such as Pettit AlumaProtect before applying either Vivid or Trilux 33.


Modified epoxy

If you keep your boat in the water year round you are most likely a candidate for a high-copper-content modified epoxy paint that prevents growth by leaching biocides upon contact with water. Contact leaching paint releases the biocide at a steadily decreasing rate, leaving the hard coating of the original thickness at season’s end. Higher copper content, rather than the type of paint binder as with ablative paints, generally means greater effective performance in this paint type.


“bottomModified epoxy paints adhere tenaciously to most surfaces, and can be applied over most types of paints. Since these types of paints do not wear away, build-up will occur with each new coat and eventually your hull will need to have the coating stripped.


Modified epoxy paints are the economy single-season choice if you’re in the Northeast or other regions where you dry-store your boat each winter. Two affordable and popular modified epoxies are West Marine BottomShield and Interlux Fiberglass Bottomkote NT, which are budget choices compared to more sophisticated ablative paints or high-copper modified epoxies. They offer hard, durable finishes with between 25% and 28% copper content.

Paint for underwater metal

Aerosol antifouling paints, our final type, are sprayed onto underwater metal such as outdrives and props, which require an alternative to cuprous oxide as the antifouling agent to avoid galvanic corrosion from metal-to-metal incompatibility. Surfaces need to be primed before the paint is applied. Interlux Trilux 33 and Pettit Alumaspray Plus use different biocides, but both offer good protection from fouling. Alumaspray Plus is also only available in black, but Trilux 33 is offered in three different colors.


“Boosted” with slime-fighters

Today’s paints often contain a second “booster” biocide or technology that prevents algae-related slime from growing at your boat’s waterline. Slime reducing additives include zinc pyrithione, also called zinc omadine, and in the case of Interlux, Biolux® technology.


Do-It-Yourself Bottom Painting

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